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Food was my downfall during my Barbados vacation, but I can happily say that I was able to exercise; if I hadn’t, by the end of the vacation, there would have been a photo of me on the front page of the local papers, above an article about environmentalists trying to save a rare whale that became beached on the island. Yes, I can laugh at myself.

If health and exercise are among your priorities when vacationing, do some research beforehand to ascertain what guided activities may be feasible, and don’t forget that there are many exercises (walking for example) that are free. Utilize the Internet, or ask questions of the staff of your chosen accommodation. In Barbados, for example, there are several sporting activities available on the island, but not all of them are conducive to taking your children with you; asking someone who knows is definitely a worthwhile supplement to Internet research in situations like these. Personally, I made the less expensive choices of swimming in the ocean, walking on the beach (the sand offers great resistance), and on rainy days, the treadmill was my ally. Some of the other options available would have been hiking tours, biking tours, golf, tennis, diving, and kayaking.

There are also other alternatives for burning some calories in a less vigorous manner. One which I hope to do some day is the Walk-In Cave tour of Harrison’s Cave, which is a breathtaking place of interest in the parish of St. Thomas. We took our children there, but on the Tram tour, since that would be less tiring for them; but take a look at the pictures below, isn’t that a lovely place to get a walk and the perquisite of education too?

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