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When my daughter started reading a few years ago, I could not wait until she was reading chapter books so I could share the true joy of books I enjoyed as a child, then well into adulthood. It is one thing when an adult reads a child a story, but a child reading a book on his or her own, and comprehending it, is much more satisfying. As her reading skill and interests rose, I tried to find books for her that would pique her interest without being too difficult . . . I wanted her to enjoy reading, yet challenge her without frustrating her. This is when I discovered the Classic Starts series by Sterling Publishing Company. Here are a few from my daughter’s collection on her bookshelf:


As you can see, Classic Starts has many of the classic titles we have grown to love, but they are tailored for the young reader. Some abridged versions are better than others, but generally, they are all very good books. I have bought almost all of them for my daughter and she has read and re-read them! There’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Call of the Wild, White Fang, The Three Musketeers, and Black Beauty, among others.

The stories themselves are enjoyable and the covers of the book are colorful and attractive to children.


The font is easy to read and there are wonderful illustrated sketches to keep the book interesting.

So if you are looking to challenge your little reader, why not give Classic Starts a try?

Best always,

Essay Kay